Yoga, one of best traditional way to stay healthy. Yoga is a type of fitness as well as meditation concept. By doing yoga our body gets an energetic start. It helps to raise metabolic activities in our body.

Any age people can do yoga. There is no age limit for doing yoga. When we do yoga at morning our body produce a large amount of energy. It keeps as energetic for all day. Yoga is a type art in which we body strength as well as flexibility and peace of mind.

The inventor of yoga is not known. But yoga was mentioned in many ancient writings. Surya namaskar an important type of yoga asana. When we do surya namaskar more than 200 joints in our get moved. this helps to reduce joint pains. When we do this our muscles gets contracted and expanded. This type of activities in our muscles burns the fat deposited between muscles.Thus how we can get rid of cholesterol depend diseases.

Yoga originated from india. Now we can see it in every corner of world. Foreigners comes to india to study yoga and to stay healthy. There are a different styles of yoga. Each positions or style in yoga are called as asanas.

When we do yoga our blood circulation gets increased this how the working of internal organs will become perfect.Yoga is a great thing for aged peoples because they can do without any high hard work like in martial arts.

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