World radios on a touch

This is latest amazing invention that is trending on social media. When check the link, you will be directed to a website. The website will show the figure of perfect globe, marked every place in the world in it. You can also see many green spots on the globe. These are the various radio stations that are active all around the world.

Just click the green spots to hear the radio stations. The user can select any of the radio stations from around the world.

The site gives the user a numerous number of choices to hear from. If you don’t like station, one can quickly shit to an other station within a matter of seconds. Even you can hear songs from unknown radio stations also. This is a very useful site for people who like to shift between the radio sites in a rapid manner.+

It is also useful for those people who like to hear variety of music from all around the world. The site has been trending on social media for some days.

Radio uses radio waves for their transmission. An antenna and receiver is required for the working of these. Usually the radio waves ranges from 3 KHZ to 300 GHz. It also works on the theory of Maxwell’s theory.

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