Women stealing clothes

This is another epic robbery that took place in a garment shop. The group consist of four people, 2 ladies and 2 men. The sad thing about the shop is that it have only one salesgirl. So these guys can easily drag the attention of her and execute their plan. We have seen similar type of robberies before where ladies have used sarees to steal clothes. hey have done the theft in a cool manner which clearly shows that these guys are very well experienced. Even it is a low intensity theft, it is a big loss for the shop owner.

The biggest irony about the theft is the size of the garment shop and the number of staffs in it. It is a large shop and there is one one girl to look after it. luckily they have placed a camera at the spot. Otherwise it would have remained as a mystery thing for forever. I don’t know whether the thieves had made through observation and came at a time when the number of staffs in the shop are low. It looks like a planned one, so the chances are higher. The salesgirl wouldn’t have thought something like this have happened in the shop, till the time she watched the CCTv visuals.

Initially the first lady and other men dragged attention away from the shop owner. During that time the second lady took a bundle of dress from the counter and placed it under her saree. She came back to his original position as if nothing had happened in the shop. the same thing was repeated by the second lady.

The others stood as if they were looking for good colours of dress. Somehow the girl didn’t had any clue about this theft and the thieves left shop in slow motion as if they didn’t like the dresses.

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