Use of garlic

GARLIC , an onion type which is used widely in our kitchen. Garlic is used in every type of curries which we prepare. Do you know the benefits of garlic? Consumption of garlic on a daily basis helps to reduce cholesterol level in our body. The major heart problems are caused due to increase in cholesterol level. Use of garlic will reduce the level hence reduce the chance of heart diseases. Garlic contains a antioxidant called ALLICIN which helps to reduce level of cholesterol.

A garlic bunch is called as garlic bulb. Each garlic segment is called as clove. Each garlic head or garlic bulb consist of 15 to 20 cloves. Garlic consist of different types of nutrients such as Manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, Selenium and Fibres. Garlic also provides a large amount of nutrients which will help to increase health. Garlic is very rich in vitamin c, vitamin b6 and manganese. In case of calories garlic contains low amount of calories.Garlic consumption helps in increasing the body immunity. It will boost the the functions of immune system. Daily consumption of garlic reduce the chance of cold and cough. Through the use of garlic we can reduce the chance of getting flu and cold. The major cause for heart illness are high blood pressure and increased level of cholesterol. Daily consumption of garlic reduce blood pressure to a great extend and reduce cholesterol level in body.


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