Top 5 trucks

Trucks are used to carry loads and we have seen them many. But here we are showing you some humongous trucks and carriers that literally carry tonnes of weights. The length of the these trucks may range up to nearly 100 m. When length and weight of the truck increases, the vehicle becomes difficult to control. only experienced drivers are assigned to drive these large carriers. These trucks are often used to move large parts like plane wings, power plant parts etc. They take months to move from one place to another. The movement is very risky and should be done with utmost care. Also the movement of these gigantic trucks causes huge traffic issues. so these trucks are permitted to move only during night times.

These large trucks are powered by diesel engines. only diesel engines can provide the large power required to carry these gigantic loads. Even Though these engines deliver sufficient power, it is very noisy. This is the biggest disadvantage of these vehicles. The noise of the engine when combined with the pressure noise of the load, results in huge breakdown of noise. When these vehicles pass nearby us, we feel like a volcanic eruption. Their vibration also shakes us. Heavy trucks are categorised into class 8. Initially they were used as dump trucks. later they evolved in size and shape to meet the various needs. Road damage and axle wear are the after effects of these truck. The vehicle is designed to carry huge weights.

So Large amount of pressure is applied on the axle of the vehicle. So it is necessary to check the condition of the Axle regularly. The weight of the truck also affect the roads. continuous movement may cause road damages.

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