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Here is an episode of sreekandan nair show in flowers channel. As you all know it is a chat show in which two groups debate each other on a particular topic. Channel owner sreekandan nair is the moderator of the show. Earlier he was a part of Nammal thamil chat which was telecasted on asianet channel.It is one of the highly rated programme in the flowers tv. Earlier episodes were good and informative. It was widely considered as platform to share views of different people.

But there is something special abouth this particular episode. For the past few days this particular episode has been criticised heavily in the social media platforms. What is so special about this episode to crticise ? If you don’t know i will tell you the details. This the episode where the crew has invited santhosh pandit to the chat show. More than twenty mimicry artists were present in the chat show. The irony of the show is that the twenty artists sit on the one side and santhosh pandit on the other side. In each and every possible way they tried to abuse santhosh pandit. Even they attacked him personally. The moderator of the show didn’t tried to stop these abuses and supported them.

Santhosh pandit never back down through out the show. He equal replies to the people who tried to abuse him. There were some common faces among the mimicry artists who tried to attack him personally. Anyway as an artist they should had valued the talent of santhosh pandit. In my opinion he makes film in his own money and nobody has a business in it.

If you don’t like it, don’t watch or close your eyes. Rather than doing these things abusing people is not a sign of a good artist. Anyway the chat show have sparked a positive vibration in favour of santhosh pandit through out the social media.

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