The little robbers

I got attracted by the title of the video ” what if they grow ?” with two tennager’s photos. As a normal human being i also got excited by the title and photo.

When i watched it, it was something very unusual. two young boys have robbed an old man brilliantly. Then only i understood why the author has kept such a title to the footage. The same question also arises in my mind, what if they grow ?. At this little age the boys are doing something really unusual to their age.

This is the CCTV footage of a robbery that took place last month in a shop. The culprits are two young boys. The shop owner is a old man with glasses in her late 70’s. The little boys have come their to sell something to the old man. The old man checks it and makes sure that it it is original.

By the looks of the young boys the old man didn’t even thought in dream that they are going to rob them. So he trusted them and opened his table which is full of money. The man took three or four notes from the bundle and place it on the table for the boys.

What happened next was tragic and unbelievable. The boys asked for a piece of cloth from the nearside of the table with money. The next step was brutal. he acted like he didn’t like the first cloth and reached the shelf for another one. At the same time, he picked one bundle of money from the table and put in his pocket.

The old man was unaware of the incident. The boys leave the shop immediately. The old man had no clue about the robbery took place in his shop.

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