suspicious activity

Famous malayalam actress living in a flat in kochi is in a doubtful condition. She is suspected for conducting immoral trafficking in her flat.

She had played a important role in a major malayalam movie which made her famous. After that she had worked in lot of advertisements. The role of her was the central character of the malayalam movie. That made her popular among film actors as well as in between business magnets

After that famous movie she had got many chance in malayalam movie but time after time the number of chances got reduced. The next option was advertisement. She got into a number of advertisements.

Day after day the number of chance got reduced and she ends in a poverty condition. She again started to work in advertisements but it was not stable. She again returns to her poverty stage

After this she started a relationship with a young actor. She started to spend time with him. But that to was not stable. He left her. Within a short time of period she find a another businessman. He already has a family. After spending months with her he also left her. After all the above things she started bring many men to her flat.

The number of people which are coming to her got increased. The timing and situation made doubts on neighbours that she is conducting immoral trafficking in her flat. They had given a complain to police. But the flat is owned by a large group so police is not ready to go near to the flat.

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