Stunning dance performance by a girl

This is one of the stunning dance performance you will ever see. I hope you people are also going to like this dance from this beautiful girl.The dance was performed in a dance competition in IIT. Even though there are two dancers in the dance, the girl have completely outpaced the boy who is dancing next to her. In my opinion the girl have bright future in this arena. The flexibility of the girl is something which raises our eyebrow.

The video have already become a huge hit on youtube. In a single day the video have been watched by more than 10 lakh people. Her costumes also suits the dance and add beauty to the dance moves. She was looking so pretty in her dance moves. Throughout the entire performance i forgot that there is another boy dancing near her. The girl was dominant throughout the performance. Definitely you are going to watch this dance a couple of times for the girl.In my view point the girl have practised it for years and years. Otherwise she cannot move her body so quickly. She is dancing for a hindi song and tamil song. From this we can assume that she is from south India. Have a close look. May be next time you can see her in some films

She is so classy in her moves and definitely she is a sset to the film industry.

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