Story of a poor woman

This is story of a poor named Sobha. The 35 year old lady is in middle of a big crisis. An obscene video of a lady similar to the looks of sobha has been shared on the social media sites, Especially through whatsapp.

But shobha is denying the rumours that it’s herself. According to her, the lady in the video have similarities. Now the victim is in a battle to prove that its not her who is in the video. the investigation is going on the cyber branch of police. The police trying hard to find the source of the video. The new report is made by manorama channel.

Sobha, a resident of kochi is from a remote village of idukki. She completed her studies and got married at the age of 21. But due to this unlucky her husband lost faith in shobha and left her alone. The first case filed in the matter yielded that the woman showing in the video is not shobha. But the victim has filed a lawsuit for reinvestigation of the case. She want scientific evidence to certify that it not her who is seen in the video. She is expected to yield the results soon according to her wish.

With the level of cyber cell working cell in kerala, it is not a herculean task to find the culprit.

the police is trying their level best to find the source. The obscene video came to shobha’s sight when one of her office staff shared it for others in the name of sobha. The man was arrested on the grounds of shobha’s complaint. He has been enquired and the search for the source is still going on.

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