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Side effects of pampers

Pampers is something we all use for babies. Over the last few years, it has become favorite among parents for many reasons. But there are some raise effects or disadvantages for this wonder product. Often users are unaware about these creepy side effects. Today we are going to discuss about some of these creepy side effects. Watch this video and share it for the safety of our kids.

Mostly pampers are preferred over cloths due to usability and convience. Another thing when compared to clothes, these are very easy to clean. It is easily available in all stores across the city. Parents don’t have to carry the dirty pampers and these can be thrown away very easily. Easily replaceable. It always keep the baby dry. There is absolutely no leakage. It always the baby dry and help him in sleep. Above all these advantages, what’s most important is the health of the little baby.

So we are going to discuss about the disadvantages of pampers. As you all can guess first one is skin rashes. When the pampers in wet condition is left on the baby’s body for longer period of time, the skin of the baby becomes red in colour. This is the rashes caused by the wet pampers. Wet pampers provides good conditions for the growth of bacteria in it.

This bacteria works on the skin of the baby and creates rashes in it. Also a baby uses diaper for 24 hours. So any foreign particle present in the diaper can enter the baby’s body easily. This is why it is important to schedule a no diaper time for the baby.
Also these diapers are very expensive when compared to clothes.

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