Santhosh Pandit interview

This is the latest visuals of the press conference done by the popular actor and director santhosh pandit. In the conference he is talking about the latest turn of events that happened in his life. According to him, he is being invited to many chat shows in number of channels. It is added advantage to the actor.

In the chat shows the director is requested to make songs instantaneously. According to the actor, it is a big plus point for him. Many songs created in that way has been used as the part of his film. He also sang a song live in the conference. The visuals of the programme has been taken by the prank programme Dhim tharikida thom. The programme converted these visuals to an epic comedy. The comedy scenes added to the visuals are excellent are absolutely perfect. The way in which the scenes are added to the visuals is definitely going to make you laugh.The programme is telecasted on Mathrubhumi channel on weekends. It is one of the best rated prank show in malayalam television arena. Santhosh pandit is a malayalam film actor who has proved his talent in various departments. HHe is widely known as an internet celebrity. Santhosh made his debut through the malayalam film Krishnanum Radhayum. The film is also directed by the actor. The film released in 2011 became a huge hit and run housefull shows all across the kerala.

His second film was also an average hit.

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