Reality shows a real villain

Anusree the famous malayalam film actress who played important roles in diamond necklace as well as in many other Malayalam films like oppam.

She had fallen into a great gossip chain. The gossip is that she had got engaged with famous serial actor Rayjan. The fire for this bomb was got from a famous tv reality show Onnum Onnum Moonu in Mazhavil manorama. The anchor of this show is Rimi Tomy, the famous malayalam play back singer.

This is a reality show which goes on through a script already prepared. In that episode two serial actors one is rayjan and other one is rahul another famous serial actor were invited and Anusree was introduced as the fans of these two actors. This was the script which was written for that day.’

Due to some personal problems rahul was not able to attend the shoot. So the script was changed. In new script both rayjan and anusree was directed act as lovers. They done their job perfectly.

Problem started when it was telecasted because the viewers started to thing that they were really in love. The host repeatedly says that this is a prank in the show. But viewers started to think they were really in love. Because their acting was so perfect. The rumors and gossip started to fill in social media. Anusree was already a talking subject in social due to the puffs rate in trivandrum airport. The gossips forced her to appear live on facebook to give the message that the show was just a script.

There is nothing between them. It was just an act and she was forced to say about her marriage plan. An episode in a reality show made her a talking subject in social media for 2 3 weeks.

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