Punishment for a child abuser

I was first amused to see the screenshot of the video. A man was tied in a post and the women standing around him are beating him in a bad way. i was wondering what did he do to get such a bad punishment.

When i read the description, i was able to know that he deserve this type of a punishment. You will also agree to the mode of punishment after knowing what he did. Actually these kind of people deserves punishments like this. Otherwise they will repeat the mistake itself.

The mani in the video abused a six year old girl child in a very bad manner. The video is the punishment decided by people there. The man has not been surrendered to the police still now. The culprit is tied in a pole with rope. In the video we can clearly see women slapping him with chappals. A lot of people have gathered here to watch the punishment. Even though there is a large crowd at the place, we can’t find a single police officer there. May be polic also thought that the man deserves such a treatment. So they would have stayed away from the spot for sometime.

What happens at the climax of the video is something really pleasing for the society. With the help of a barber the hair from the culprit’s head is removed completely. He deserves such a punishment. The next time when he think doing the crime again , he will remember this punishment.

This will force him to stay away from the punishment. This also pulls back people in our society who are interested to do child abusing. People like govindachami should be treated in the exact same way. Society is feeding them by putting them in jail. Our rules are favoured to criminals rather than victims.

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