Problems of drinking tea in empty stomach

Most of the people in kerala have a habit of drinking tea. Mostly the last generation was very much fond of this drink. There are people who takes five or six tea in a day. There are something you shouldn’t do in empty stomach. One of them is drinking tea.

Drinking tea in empty stomach can lead to some serious issues. Most of the people have a habit of drinking tea or coffee in early morning. It is not the right way to do it. Many consider the intake of tea as an refreshing agent.

Before doing it next time you should think about the harmful effects of drinking tea and coffee in empty stomach. It are thinking that drinking tea in empty stomach is doing good for you, then you should watch this. It is doing bad rather than good to your body. The main problem of drinking tea in empty stomach is the acidity. The consumption of tea increases acidity and it can completely alter the digestion process. According to physicians, it can cause heartburn and alter the digestion process throughout the day.

It also have other side effects which can affect your health in a regular manner. The consumption of tea in empty stomach reduce the secretion of gastric juices. Ultimately it is leading to indigestion. It also reduces the amount of bile secreted in liver. The acid production in the stomach is also reduced by the consumption of tea in empty stomach. Many people are addicted to the early intake of tea. So it will be hard for them to recover from their daily routine. But in a slow and steady manner you can definitely quit this habit.

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