Pearley chat show with Aju and Vineeth

This is one of the trending videos on social media. In this video pearle maaney is chatting with actors vineeth sreenivasan & Aju varghese. The talented anchor is asking some tricky questions to both the actors.

They are really trying to answer the question but its a little tricky one. Somehow, vineeth managed to answer some questions, but aju failed to overtake the singer and failed in the contest. Even though they were funny questions, it was very tricky. I think you people will enjoy this funny chat. It was telecasted on kaumudy tv.

Kaumady tv is one of the highly rated malayalam television channel. Within a short span of time, it managed to attract quite a number of people to it. The channel was launched in 2013. It received wide response from all parts of the state just after the launch. The channel is owned by the famous Kerala Kaumadi newspaper team. The channel is headquartered in state capital Thiruvanthapuram. It also have a website

Aju varghese is one of the highly rated comedian in malayalam film Industry. The talented actor managed to climb upto the top of malayalam film industry within a short span of time. The actor made his debut through the film malarvadi arts club. The film released in 2010 was an average grosser. The film directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan became a huge hit.

Through the film, Aju got fair amount of attention. Aju and vineeth studied in the same college. The actor has recently completed 50 films in malayalam film industry. Aju and augustina got married on february 2014.

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