How Panipuri Makes You Unhealthy ?

Many of us like food items like panipoori, bhelpoori etc. These food orginated in east India and is now a favourite item for people who are residing in other parts of India. Even many kerallites are fond of it.

They are mainly sold on the street shops.

Panipuri mainly consist of a fried crisp filled with spicy water and other stuffs like onion, massala, chili etc. It literally means water bread. It is known by different names in different places. But the sad thing about these is that most of them are made in unhygienic ways and are not good for health.
If you consume these unhygienic panipuri’s it might result in stomach upset and may lead to some serious health issues. The makers of these food items never mind customer’s health. They use second grade stuff for these items and also in improper ways.

While mixing flour, most of them don’t even care to use a glove. This can cause some serious germ transmission to the food items. Stomach upset is the end result if you consume such foods. So be alert when you choose such items on streets.

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