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Indian women thief caught on camera.

Some people are born criminals.The have that instict of theft in their blood.Even though they have the health and conditions to work and earn their own livelihood they indlge in robbery with the intention...

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Magical home remedies for cracked heels.

Cracked heels is a major problem faced by many people.There are many techniques to erase thIS crack.In this video the narrator describes a technique which she applied for herself as well as shared with...

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Footage of bus accident in Kochi

We,Keralaites are lucky enough to witness car races daily.Well actually , to be precise its bus races. Bus drivers have a competition mind.They just want to overtake and be first for which they do...

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Easy way to make white hair back to black.

People have the thought that once the hair whitens there is no natural remedy to make this hair black again.So people go for hair dyes.Is there really any solution to regain the black hair?...

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Kerala roads stunning into blood red

The number of deaths due to road accidents in the state is increasing in an alarming rate.According to the reports about 2290 people have dies in road accident till the month of June 2011.In...

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Treatment for breathing related problems.

Asthma is a breathing related disease which obstructs the flow of air and thereby causing difficulty in breathing, Many people suffer a lot due to asthma and bronchitis but find only temporary relief with...