Nikunjasanam – yoga teaser

Yoga is one of the best practices ever found which relaxes your mind and body. It affects the practitioner physically and mentally. Yoga can be found in various forms. They relaxes our body and mind. These postures also help us to stay in shape.

Yoga is not a newly found exercise, it has been used since ancient days. Some of the popular asanas are mentioned in the rigveda. This is the proof that the ancient culture had used these yogas to relax their mind and body. It is assumed that the yogas have been developed around sixth century.

But the yoga cultured came into existence in 20th century. In the last year India contributed very much to enhance the power of yoga worldwide. Even the world has started to celebrate International yoga day. Today the western world have also understood the power of yoga and they are practising it as a part of their life. Often western people reluctant to accept anything from Indian sub continent. Yoga has been accpted widely in western countries, it is a clear cut indication that yoga has some really good powers. There are also studies going on the corner to make yoga as a cure treatment for diseases like cancer, asthma etc.

Here is a yoga practioner who is introducing us to the Nikunjasanam, one of the best yogas. Even though the yoga method has many benefits, it typically increases the blood flow to the brain. The posture also helps to strengthen the lung and stomach muscles.

The yoga is suitable for those who are suffering from hernia problems. The posture is going to relieve them from the tremendous pain caused due to hernia. Inorder to get the maximum benefits strictly follow the instructions in the video.

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