Amazing Performance

Here is an amazing piece of dance performed by a young lady. These type of dance is called belly dance. it mainly requires flexibility. even though the moves look simpler, it is complex in nature. If you want to dance like this. we are gonna give some tips for the same. Belly dance was invented by middle east and north african people. pop star shakira is famous for these type of dance. Don’t you remember the famous waka waka dance from the last football cup ? To become a good belly dancer, first you have to select a good song. Arabic songs are suited for these kind of dances. Latin music is also used by people. Check the arabic and latin songs available from the internet and choose one that is suited for you. Listen it again and again, get into the rhythm of the song. During dancing always keep your back straight. keep an erect chest and don’t slouch yourself. Balance is the first and last thing you need in this dance. Align your lips under body.

First of all bent your knees lower than usual and balance yourself. Try to shimmy without losing balance. If your are having trouble shimmy one side of the hip upwards. Don’t rush because the beauty of the dance lies in the slowness of the movement.after having enough practice you can increase the speed of the dance. Also try to straighten your legs after good practise.

Repeat it for some days you can master the dance.

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