Mystery in Jaya’s death continues

Amid the uncertainties over the former Tamil nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa’s death is still going on social medias, Things have taken an ugly turn. The latest turn of events happened after the email message from the popular journalist Barkha dutt went off on social media.

According to this mail, the late jayalalithaa was given wrong medicine. This has took the rumors surrounding jaya’s death to a whole new level.

The email is said to be sent by Barkha dutt to her co workers. The email is assumed to be a leaked one. In the email the staff from the Apollo hospital is admitting that the former chief minister was treated with wong medicine. The incident took place on september 22 when jaya was admitted to the hospital. Wrong medicine was given to her for diabetes. This has indeed unstabilised the condition of jayalalitha.

The information was obtained through a conference call done by Apollo hospital owner’s daughter – preetha, sunitha, sangeetha and sobhana with Barkha. NDTV is yet to make a statement on this matter.

The reports suggested that that the body of the former chief minister have been embalmed to avoid the decay of the body parts. Embalming process protects the body from decaying. Embalming is only needed if she had died only days back. If not embalmed body will start to dacy itself. Internal organs will start decaying first. This will create a havoc in Tamil nadu. Inorder to prevent this situation the body has been embalmed, says the press.


Embalming process is done by passing tubes into the stomach with the help of chemicals. After the process, the wounded part of the body is covered with trocar button.

This button looks exactly like a screw. The marking on the face of Jayalalitha is similar to this screws. There were no photos released in the public after she was admitted to the hospital. This also creates doubts in some minds. The treatment details is still unavailable for the public. Only sasikala and close acquaintances were allowed to visit jaya at hospital. Even jaya’s adopted son Sudhakaran was not allowed to enter the hospital.

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