Mother of three children with lover

When I see these things on internet, I force myself to think that they are cooked up ones. Because I want it to be wrong. I hope some of you also have the same thinking. Actually I don’t know where this society is going. People are doing some absurd things we normal people can’t even imagine. Everybody has a right to live in this earth, but definitely not in this way. We have to show a little bit maturity to our fellow living things.

This is one of the strangest thing you will ever see. A wife of three children was missing from home for some days. The husband filed a missing complaint and the police started the investigation in full swing.After some days the wife was spotted by the police officers with her lover. They were living in a rented house at a far away place. She have three children, still she chose to live with her lover. When police captured her from the spot, she openly said that she want to live with his lover, not his children.

Anyway this will be eye opener for many of us in the society who are leading a clam and peaceful life. we should realise that there are these kind of absurd people around us.

These people don’t even have a drop of maturity and will do whatever required for their sake. It is a matter of life and people shouldn’t take it as likely as this.


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