Does mobiles causes health problems ?

It is 21 st century and at least 85 percent people of our country have mobile phones. Some people have more than one just for the sake of use.

Some people have become addict of this revolutionised technology. There are chances that you might check your phone often for messages, chats and mails. If if it is not ringing or vibrating people just checks their phone for nothing. Thi is because they have got addicted to the latest revolutionary invention by the human beings. The latest and modern apps pushes us deep into the trap.

Mobile phones are good for communication and other purposes but at the same time it can take a toll on your health. These phones uses radio waves for their transmission. The intensity of these waves 100 times that of emitted from base stations. According to the latest studies these waves ionises the human body. Less the distance between you and mobile phone lesser is the radio wave exposure. Therefore always take care to leave a distance between you and phone when it is not in use.

It has high effect on children. Since the brain of children is still in growing stage, the exposure to radio waves can cause serious damages to their tissues. Atleast keep a distance of 20 cm from the mobile phones. Children are so font of mobile phones and they tend to use it often. Don’t allow it. Continuous use of mobile phones can also result in eye problems.

As you can guess, when you look at the small screen of the mobile phones, a lot of stress is put on your eyes. Later it evolves as a big trouble for your eyes.

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