Military man VS police ISSUE in ATM

In a latest turn of events, something really unpleasant happened in front of one of the banks. A military man who queued infront of a bank got beaten up by the police officials. The incident took place in Morena, Madhya Pradesh. The visuals of this cruel incident is released by Indiatoday channel.

Military man Dinesh was standing in his line to exchange his old notes. A policeman tried to started to do favours for his friends and bypassed the queue for them. Dinesh questioned the policemen about the same and resulted in argument. Later it leaded to collision between the two parties. What we are seeing is one side picture. It doesn’t show what actually happened there. The video is not evident about who raised the hands first ?

Anyway policemen are there to help people not to help their people. The whole social media have gone upside down against the issue. Many have already come forward asking strict actions against the police officials worked there.

At the same time the opposition parties have grabbed the video and added it to the ongoing protest against the ruling party. There are also reports that Dinesh waited in the queue to collect money for his brother’s funeral functions.

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