Missing cases in kerala is increasing day by day. What is the main reason for it, is till now not known.

Major missing cases occurs due to money or due to drugs or to affairs. Police had produced a major doubt that increase in the presences of other state employees is the main reason for these missings. To a great extent it is correct because police force had already caught number of such criminals who had commited these type of activities in kerala.

The major missing cases were reported was of children aged between 3 to 14. Small kids were taken to other places for begging. It had grown to a large network in india. The kids has to go through series of torture. Some unbelievable cases of these type of networks which was recently published were shocking. In some cases girls were kidnapped only for sexual purpose. The girls were sold in the market for money.

The video below shows a situation like this where two other state salesman caught in a doubtful condition. Two men and a omini with only two piece of cloth for sale. this made doubt. The villagers caught both salesman and handovered to police.

Be careful about your family. There are good salesmans too. But beware of these kind ALIEN CREATURES who is there for kidnapping small kids for their benefit. Be vigilant about family and don’t allow any type of strangers near to you and to your family.

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