Loss weight in 90 days

People in our society is really struggling with overweight. They are in constant search for various measures which can shed their weight quickly.

Today we are going to tell the story of a man who have done this. Shomprakash Sinha roy is a famous novelist. He is widely known for his english novel Pink smoke released in 2013. The novel was a huge hit across the country. But now he is in the headlines but not for his novels. The man managed to decrease 30 kilos of weight from his body in a time span of 3 months.

Till may 2016, roy’s life was full of fried foods and beer. He didn’t cared about his health till a twist happened in his life. His girlfriend cut their relationship just because of his physique. They were about to enter wedlock in a couple of months. It put him in state of mental depression. But unlike others he managed to recover himself very quickly. He urged himself for a change in his lifestyle and start working out.

Roy started regular exercise and hit the gym hard. He also kept a healthy diet. Roy was trained by Chris Jithin, an online trainer. It was a course of 12 weeks. In this span of 12 weeks he managed to cut down his weight from 90 kilos to 60 kilos. Now he looks fit and healthy. The photos of Roy before and after workout is given in the post.

I hope you are getting a message from the novelist and try to do something like that. If you are ready to do something like that, here is a video which will tell you how to reduce the weight in a short span of time. Watch it and share it for others.

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