Kavalaal short film

Kavalaal is the latest malayalam short film that is trending on social media sites. The socially commited film is directed by Harish and Ananadalal. The script of the short film is written by Harish. Prashanth Pradeep is behind the DOP.

Madhu vasudev has written the lyrics of the short film. Sruthi lekshmi has sung the song beautifully. Music and BGM done by Gopi sunder. PM Rajesh is behind the sound design. Sandeep and Sumes have worked as assistant directors.

Mahesh anchal has done the audio mixing. Prasad Parappuram have assumed the role of associate director. The cuts are done by Vinayan. Sharon satheesh have worked as Creative director. Some popular actors and actress from the film industry have also acted in the social oriented film. The film is aimed to promote the police helpline which is made to help the common people.

7559899100 is the helpline number created by the police. The helpline is 24 hours active and police will reach the spot at one dial. The main objective of the helpline is to help ladies who are in trouble.

Actually it is one of the best initiative started by our police to help the woman. I hope this helpline will help the ladies to walk fearless through our streets.


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