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Kappiri Thuruthu Movie Review

The much awaited film Kapiri Thuruthu hit the screens today.

The film managed to attract a large number of audience in the first day itself with its stunning trailer. The film is a period drama and tells the story of a time when Kochi was under the rule of British. The film is directed by Debutant Shaheer ali.

The film centres around the life of H Mehaboob, the most loved musician of Kochi. Through the film, director is trying to show a another view of kochi that we are not so familiar with. It also deals with the love, drama and violence happened in that era. Adil Ibrahim and pearle maaney have delivered stunning performance through their roles. Especially Adil handled the lead character very well and never went overboard. He was calm and cool all the time. As usual actor Siddique showed his class through the film once again.

On the positive side, the film is one of the best class films released this year. Both lead actors handled emotionally intense scenes very well. The biggest highlight of the film is Siddique’s performance. Debutant shaheer Ali has done a stunning job as a writer and director. He is definitely a good prospect for malayalam film industry. Good screenplay lifted the film to a whole new level. Good editing with a running time of just two hours. DOP was excellent and set the tone of the movie. BGM was also very nice.

On the negative side, the film is slow paced at times.

On the whole, Kappiri Thuruthu is one of the best class films released this year. It will be a new experience for those people who like these kind of movies.

Rating: 4/5

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