The video below says some interesting and scarifying facts about sugar and cholesterol in our body. The man in this video conducted a interview with a doctor on a malayalam fm channel 91.2. One doctor is the head of cardiology in a hospital in canada and other doctor was a famous doctor shelvaraj from kollam. The discussion brought some important unbelievable facts about sugar and cholesterol

There are many people who are continuously taking medicines for sugar and cholesterol. Continuous use of such medicines make heart and chest muscles weak. High cholesterol condition is a situation where the impurities in our blood increases.
This condition occurs when our sugar level shut ups immediately. This all happens in the liver. The sugar level in our body increases when we consume
carbohydrates like rice, wheat, maida, etc.

In a study conducted on 5 people with high blood cholesterol reveals an amazing fact. The doctor said the patience to have egg on morning and beef at afternoon and mutton at dinner. But on one condition they should avoid carbohydrates completely. They should eat only tuber products like tapioca. After fifteen days the blood samples where collected and checked. The result was shocking the cholesterol level was very low when compared to first stage. What food we avoid to reduce cholesterol helps to reduce cholesterol. For complete details watch the video below.

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