God woman Shoots Groom aunt at wedding

This is wedding celebration at its extreme in which a poor aunt lost her life owing to aimless shot from a woman god. The incident happened in karnal town, Chandigarh on last tuesday.

Sadhvi Deva Thakur and her group came to the wedding, fired many rounds of bullet to boost the celebrations. Unluckily the bullets hit some of the people who had come to attend the wedding.

One of the bullets hit groom’s aunt and she lost her life on the spot. Three others were also injured in this mad celebration. Police have filed a case on the god woman and her security guards. The people are still missing and police have started a search operation for them. The police have already conducted many raids still failed to nab the accused.

A similar incident happened in the same state in last april.

In that incident groom fell to serious injury in a celebratory shooting. But the government have not learned the lesson yet and still not able to tackle the unauthorised use of weapons.

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