Faster than robots

After watching the video once, i double checked it to make sure that it is not another graphic gimmick. Absolutely it is real and a eye opening one. In this era of machines there are some people who have defeated machines with their work.

Here is a couple of ladies working fast as humans can. What we see here is absolutely stunning. They are packing some products at the rate of a product per second. Their hands are moving so fast that we are unable to see what is happening there.

It reminds me of old charlie chaplin films where people moves so quickly and you have no clue what’s happening there. Exactly the same is happening here, there are just working hard to the limit which can. I also doubt whether a robot can work as fast as this human beings. Their efficiency is unmatchable to anyone. The company is lucky to have guys like this. It is said that at the end of this century the machines will overtake all the work done by human beings. Unless human beings like this exist in our society, machines will not be able to outran them.

With these type of fast working people in our company, the productivity of the company increases.

The speed, accessibility and accuracy of the workers unmatchable to any machines. Who doesn’t want workers of these talent in their factories.


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