Famous Thief arrested

Famous thief has been arrested by police yesterday. The man have a very funny history. The thief was first arrested at the age of 16 for peeping a couples bedroom during night time. The man aged 42 have awkward habit, collecting ladies inner wears.

He also like to peep at bedrooms during night times. The man was released on bail recently by the court. But he continued his old behaviour and got caught by the police again at Cherpulassery. According to the police the man has his hands in a number of thefts that happened in Palakkad district.

he started his robbery series from last november in Palakkad district. He mainly look for windows in houses through which he can rob gold ornaments. Most of the time he selects places where the people are low in density. At first, he studies the selected area very thoroughly by roaming around in his bike. After making sure that everything is ok, he sets off for his duty. He also have an awkward habit during robbery. He never wears anything during the robbery even innerwear is removed. He ties all his dress in a maxi and makes it like a rope. He wears this rope on his waist during the robbery.

The man some serious attraction towards the inner wears of ladies. But he is not so interested about ladies.

More than 70 cases have been charged on the name of the famous robber. He was able to rob more than 800 grams of gold from these 70 houses. The whole robbery series took place in 2014.

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