Facebook live – comment – issue

Film stars often use facebook live option chat with fans. Actress Shravya reddy did the same to interact with fans. She was talking about the ban of 500, 1000 rupee notes and how to tackle it. Suddenly out of nowhere a fan came and asked her size.

The actress didn’t get away from the question and thrashed the fan on the live chat itself. She was really angry and used some really harsh words to the questioner.

During her reply didn’t forget to say that i have the same things that your mother also have. She also enquired to the fans ” why are you analysing my body when i saying something really important” ? She did reply exactly in the manner how the man asked question.

Anyway the live chat presented her an unpleasant experience. The actress is a model and popular star in telugu industry.

I have seen many instances where filmstars are insulted by their so called fans. Most of the times they avoid a reply to not to spoil their public image. but the actress have done something really amazing stuff and thrashed the bad fan in the next second itself.

In my opinion by reacting more and more to these comments we can stop these type of people.

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