Expectation vs Reality

This the latest video that is trending on social media sites. The video is made Vinitha Koshy. You might know her from the film Anandam. She is popular through her dubsmash videos even before entering the film arena. From this video, it is evident that the actress have a bright future in film industry. The video titles as Expectation vs reality is something which will ease our mood in a different way. Hope you enjoy the video. Please share it for others.

The video have vinitha koshy in main role. It depicts the difference between the wish of a husband and the actual behaviour of the wife. The way in which both the characters are shown is really funny. The cute expressions made by the actress also add beauty to the video. The video already have a fair amount of audience. Most husbands would like to have a wife that is shown in the first part. Sadly most of them get what is shown in the second part. Even though it is made in a funny way, the video depicts the actual incidents of the society. In a relationship people should act in a good way,

otherwise it will ruin the relationship.

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