excellent little singer

A little singer has been trending on social media for the last few days. Initially i thought it as an ordinary video but i had to pay the price for my thinking at a later time. Because i missed the beautiful singing of the little for so long.

I don’t know what is so special in this song but it attracted me very page. Every online page in facebook has posted about the kid. If you are wondering why you should watch this beautiful song by the cute girl. I bet you can’t stop hearing the song once, you will be forced yourself to hear it multiple times as i did.

There is no dearth of children songs on social media. Everyone from here and there comes from a song to hit views. Often people make crazy things just to trend on social media to increase the number of views. But this one is not like that and it is very different. You will also feel the same after watching the video. In my opinion the cute singing of the kid will ease your mood. The little kid is singing the old song ‘Manjal prasadam’. Even though there are some fluency mistakes, the cute singing by the kid have completely erased it.

I am wondering how can a kid can sing like this ? If she is singing beautifully at this age, her future is very bright. She is definitely the future KS chithra. At the same time, the popular singer chitra has started a search to know about the whereabouts of the little singer. The news was reported by asianet news officially. Even though the video is trending on social media there is no clue about the name and address of the kid. To find out the details the initial source of the video should be identified.

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