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Atlast whatsapp have introduced video calling facility for everyone in its platform. Whatsapp have informed that the video calling will be available for all users of whatsapp across the country from November 15.

Whatsapp have provided a newer version with the facility of video calling. Earlier video calling facility was only available for the beta version of the app. The latest update will be available on IOS, Windows and Android platforms.

How to make a video call

* Go to google play store or windows, apple stores. Install the latest version of Whatsapp.

* Open the updated version and select a contact

* Click the dialer icon of the top right corner. On tapping it, you will get a option of audio call and video call.

* Select the video call option from the menu.

* Once the call is connected you can use both the camera’s. ie, primary and secondary cameras.

The main feature of the video call is that you can do multitasking during video calling. The user can open other apps at the time of video calling. To return to the video calling just tap the green band on the top.

But the group video calling feature is not available now in whatsapp. The quality of the call depends upon the internet connection.

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