End of Friday friendship

The quarrel between the co owners of Friday film house Vijay babu and Sandra Thomas are in the headlines of all channels. It was a friendship which gave red eyes to many in the film industry. Now the friendship ended up in police station complaining each others. They were thick friends and always appeared together on public functions and TV channels. The quarrel started soon after the second marriage of the actress.

Sandra married Wilson, owner of a event management company based in Cochin. The relationship between Vijay babu and Sandra became worse when they started to quarrel each other for the ownership of the Friday film house. According to the close friends, the company is in loss. That’s what created a spark in the relationship of two. Yesterday Sandra went to vijay’s office to discuss about the matter, but ended up in a big clash. According to Sandra, Vijay and his friends beaten them without any reasons. There were reports that the actress was admitted to a private hospital.

But Vijay babu completely denied the allegations against him. He also said that the story told by Sandra Thomas is a cooked up one.

Anyway Sandra has filed a complaint against Vijay and the police has started investigation on this matter. Friday films have produced more than 10 films in Malayalam which includes hit films like Philips and monkey own, aadu etc. Both the producers have shown their acting skills in the industry.

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