Dog rescue by a brave man

This is one of the most heartwarming video i have seen in recent times. What the guy is doing here make me aware that humanity still exist in the society.

This is the same society in which a dog has been thrown off the roof just for fun. Incidents like these prove that there is a lot of good people in our society. Great job and well done guys.

This is a dog rescue operation done by a young man. The activity done by the young man is very admirable. We should appreciate his concern and love for the animal. He put his life on line to save the dog’s life. Most of the people don’t want to risk their life for a dog. Definitely they would have stepped aside watching the dog flown away the water. Anyway the young lad is not the same and decided to do something really brave and executed a dangerous rescue with accuracy. Activities like this inspire all the human beings to do better and good for the society.

The young man was able to think that the dog is a living thing and it also deserves to live a life. It was indeed a dangerous job but he was able to execute it in a good manner by god’s grace. The world will be a nice and better place if we would see things like this daily.

We need more people like in the world who are kind and do anything for the sake of the society.

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