Diabetes control

Diabetes is something that we found in our generation. A major chunk of the people are suffering from this terrible disease.Today we are going to discuss about the types of diabetes and its cure. People don’t know the full name of this terrible disease. It is diabetes mellitus. High blood sugar is the main symptom of diabetes. The main symptom includes frequent urination, Thirsty feeling and hunger.There are two types of Diabetes. They are Type one and type two. Type one is very rare when compared to type two.

In the rare type of insulin the body stops producing insulin completely. It is not so common. In the other type the body do not react to the insulin produced. In both cases proper medical attention is required. Correct amount of insulin should be passed to the patient who is suffering from diabetics. Also Proper exercise and diet plan is needed. The patient have to check their blood sugar regularly to determine the amount of sugar in blood.The third type of diabetes is called as gestational diabetes. Pregnant women suffers from this type diabetes. Diabetes patients should quit smoking and drinking habits. The patient also have to control the weight of body. Overweight might increase the amount of glucose in body.

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