Deadly pesticides on tea

Tea is something we keralites are font of. Almost 80 percent people in kerala consume tea daily. But we are not aware of the hidden danger behind the tea. According to the latest reports, tea plants are maintained well by the use of deadly pesticides. These pesticides are extremely harmful for human beings.

The funny thing about this is that there is no organization or board to control the use of pesticides in tea like vegetables, fruits etc. These people are free to use anything according to their wish and we have to pay for it very badly.

According to an organisation named greenpeace. 34 top brands of tea companies operating in India use high concentrated pesticides. They are very bad for human tissues. The video shows the trip to some famous tea estates in kerala and the result was shocking. In the investigation made by asianet news it was found that many banned pesticides are used in tea estates. The workers in the estate certify the statement. One of the worker even agreed that there are using poison for the growth of tea plants. That’s why they are wearing protective gears in the estate.

The pesticides are applied on the plants at interval of seven days. After the application, on the fifth day itself the leaves are plucked and collected for the production of tea. They are sent to the factory for processing. The funny fact is green tea, which is advised highly for health have high amount of pesticide in it.

The consumption of these tea can end up in many chronic diseases. Its high time the government should take some strict actions against the pesticide use in tea.

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