Currency note printing

The currency notes that we use daily are not made so easily. To make these notes advanced technology is used. This is the video that depicts the latest technologies used in note printing.

During the entire process, there is not a single time when a human being comes in directly contact with the notes. Everything is automatic and robotic. Humans don’t have to interfere in the note making process. Only after the notes have packed in bundles, human help is needed, that too for transport. Even though it is not Indian currency, the process of manufacturing is almost same.

In India currency is mainly printed on four presses. Mainly the money is printed in the press at Nashik, Maharashtra. There is also a bank note press in Dewas, Madhya pradesh. There are also two presses owned by reserve bank of India where they print and publish notes. Printing more currency is never a way to tackle the present situation. Because already there is a lot of currency is in circulation. When more currency is induced to the economy, it decreases the value of the currency.

A country can print as much as they want. But it will lead inflation. Inflation is the trouble in which you have to pay more for a thing that was costed less before the surge of currency. Government will only produce more currency keeping this thing in mind.

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