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Watch “OMG!!!

This one is truly stunning. After watching this stunning magic tricks you are definitely going to feel the heat. This is one of the best magic i have seen recently. Even though they are...

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Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

After completing his studies he spent the next four decades as a scientist and science administrator in defence research and development organisation ( DRDO) and in Indian space research organisation ( ISRO). Then he...

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Amazing Control On RC Car

RC cars or remote or radio cars are those type of prototypes which can be controlled from a distance with use of a remote or radio transmitter. The transmitters consist of the control using...

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Flying Car Soon In Dubai

The best example is planes and space ship. In olden days this was only imagination but the wright brothers made that imaginary thing. They invented plane and this great invention had changed every thing...

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Scary CCTV Footages

The video is the compilation of some scary footages that has been caught on cctv placed at various places. They are really scary and viewer discretion is advised. Those are really afraid of these...