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nri issue

We all love surprise gifts and wished to receive one in some point of life. Surprise gifts creates a happiness in those who gifts them and those who receives them. The sweetness of the...


Candy making machines

There is nobody on Earth who hate chocolates.One must have had the crave for chocolates in our childhood for sure,It s only a matter of few seconds to unwrap a candy cover,throw it to...

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ghost on mortuary

Ha ha, This one is epic and scary. when i was checking through the YouTube channel, saw a video titled Ghost prank. Just thought that it is going to be another prank where people...


How to avoid stubborness in children?

Most of the parents complaints about the stubborness of their children.Parents scold them,beat them and try their level best but the children remain obstinate. Before finding the solution one must check the roots where...

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rape again child artist

Brutal rape again at Kollam in Kerala and this time again its an attack to one of the industry leading child artist at Kollam district in Kerala state in South India. The situation of...



It would be so amazing if we could read others minds.We could act accordingly if we knew what is in their minds.Even psychology does not give complete soution for this but few people do...