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A useful information for vehicle owners

Crude Oil,Barrel,Cost of Production are some of the terms revealed by Petroleum companies to mislead people in hiking petrol prices.This video reveals the behind the scenes of petroleum companies who regularly increases the price...

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Collapsing of well.

Wells are the main source of water for us.Before the arrival of motors and pumps water was drawn from wells through a pulley mechanism. In case of heavy rainfall there are chances of soil...

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Daughter in law abuses mother in law

Kerala is know for its cultural heritage. Keralaites give a lot of importance and respect to family and maintain family relationships. The video portrays the cruelties faced by an old aged mother in law,Gaurikutty...

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Footage of bus accident in Kochi

We,Keralaites are lucky enough to witness car races daily.Well actually , to be precise its bus races. Bus drivers have a competition mind.They just want to overtake and be first for which they do...

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Death Ceremony –

One of the latest trend in the telecom sector, Jio is planning to extend its offer till march. the plan was aimed to hit the target of 100 million customers. The welcome offer for...