A Breath taking stunt

We are so familiar with the rope stunts, but i doubt if you have seen something like this before. What they are doing is something really amazing and breathtaking. Don’t even think to try this at home. It is very dangerous and very tricky. People with many years of practise can only perform like this.

These guys are putting their life on line for the stunt. One wrong movement can land them to several feats of heights. It will minimum guarantee them some broken legs and shoulders at least. So make sure that you are not trying this at home.

The stunt has been performed as the part of an American reality show called America’s got talent. The show invites people from various corners who have different talents. After the filtration in the primary rounds, the selected contestants are given ticket to the LAs Vegas for the finals. Only top performers are promoted to Las Vegas where participants take each other for the whopping amount of final prize. The show have three main judges and one anchor. It is one of the best daring shows produced in television industry.

Here the couple is not doing the regular walks that we often see in circus. They are doing something extraordinary. The lady is the main performer.

They are not attached with any safety measures like tow rope or cushion on the floor. They have even performed with a chair which is very dangerous. In one part of the show the woman carried the man on her shoulders and walked with him. It was really horrible to watch. These guys truly deserves the prize for their effort.

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