Biju ramesh’s daughter wedding

This is the teaser of the wedding between Ajay Krishnan and Megha, who is the daughter of liquor baron Biju Ramesh.

Ajay is the son of MLA Adoor Prakash. The wedding video is made by the famous lumiere company. The extravagant wedding was conducted at an eight acre venue. The venue was well decorated like a film set. The main stage of the wedding was made in the model of Akshardham Temple. There were models of mysore palace at the venue.

Approximately 20000 guests have participated in the wedding hosted in eight acres of land. ZBiju ramesh one of the biggest liquor baron of kerala and have raised allegations against Km mani for bribery in the last ministry. Ajay’s minister Prakash was also a former minister of kerala. The engagement function held few months ago was drawn into controversy after the participation of Oommen chandy and Ramesh Chennithala. So this time the leaders were wise enough to stay away from the function to avoid controversies.

Even in the middle of money crisis, the liquor baron was able to find enough money for the wedding. When asked about the money he said that the money was gathered through some of his business over several days.

He was not ready to reveal the amount he spent for the wedding and added that he have no black money.

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