Best goals of 2016

We all love football. it’s the end of a year and time check the best goals of 2016. These are the best goals that was scored in the different parts of the world. The best goal from 2016 came from a Malaysian played named Muhammed Fayis Subri.

The player plays for penang FC in Malaysian super league. The goal is widely known as wondergoal. It came from a freekick. The player used his power and the ball went to the net like a snake.

The second in the goal scored by Marlone for korendians. It is the second best goal in the list.

A goal list without messi ? Not possible at all. The star striker from Argentina scored a stunning free kick. The ball form he messi’s leg went to the top right corner of the net like a tracer bullet. With this goal he became the all time top scorer for Argentina.

The next in the list is the wonder goal scored by Maria gaspera of spain. The goal came in a friendly match between England and Spain.

Next one is from the Arsenal Player Mesut Ozil. In a long pass, the ball was fetched to the legs of ozil. With his cunning skills he managed to dribble pass the two defenders and goalie.

The next goal is from the finnish midfielder Simon Scrap. It was something spectacular for the eyes.

There is also a girl in the list of best goals. It is Daniuska Rodriguez of Venezuela. Her stunning goal came in match for under 17 people.

One of the best goal of the year came in year’s end in english premier league. Henry Mahenthiran scored a goal from scorpion kick during the match between Manchester united and sunderland. Neymar also managed to score a stunning goal in the year.

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