Bad massage parlours

Many massage parlours working in our state are not bound to the law. They are using girls for prostitution and other activities behind these massage parlours. Most Of these parlours promotes cross massaging which is banned by banned by the government. They are running their business in the opendaylight, still no authority have raised a single finger against them.

The investigation was done on one of the famous massage centres in Kovalam. This massage centre is favourite for tourists. Ladies are available here to massage for gents. The number of services increases with the amount spent for it. A large network of agents are available to catch tourists.There are strict issued by the government that Gents should be massaged by gents and females should be massaged by females.

Buit massage centres don’t care to follow these rules. The agent is sure about the fact that there will be no raid. This is giving the hint that some top officials are also in their network. For a cross massaging a man have to pay Rs 2000 in the counter and Rs 500 for the girl.

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