Ayur Jeevanam – Diabetes Remedies

Diabetes is a common disease we found in our generation. A majority of people have this disease. Here is video which describes about a medicine, which can treat diabetes in a short span of time. The effect of the medicine varies according to the physique of a individual.It is a common disease that is found everywhere. The full name of this creepy disease is diabetes mellitus. Person suffering from diabetes will have high blood sugar. There are two reasons for this. The first ome is that human body stops producing the amount of insulin needed for our body.

The second one is the non reaction of body to these insulin particles. It may also occur as the combination of both. The main syptom includes frequent urination. Thirsty feeling and hunger are the other symptoms. Diabetes can be classified into two. Type one and type two. type two is commonly found problem where as type one is rare. In type one body stops producing insulin. Adequate supply of insulin can bring back the patient. Proper exercise and diet plan is required. In type 2, body of the patient dose not produce enough amount of insulin. They have to check there blood sugar regularly to determine the amount of sugar in blood. As type one, Proper exercise and diet plan is required. There is another type of diabetes called gestational diabetes.

Pregnant women suffers from this type diabetes.

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