Accident at technopark front gate

This is an accident that took place at the front gate of the famous technopark. The visuals of the accident was caught in a camera place at the front gate. The video is going viral on the internet just because of the fact that the victim of the accident managed to escape even after such a serious incident.

There are many accident footages that are roaming around us, but this one tops the list. The women is in the video is so lucky to survive an accident that is so rough to watch. It is a happy news to know that the victim is still alive after such a terrible accident.

To get inside technopark people have to go through tight security check at the gates of technopark. The lady in the scooter also stopped her vehicle to go through the check. As she was explaining her intention of coming to technopark, a really unfortunate thing happened. A car coming from behind hit the scooter in a hard way. The car was also driven by a lady. With this unexpected collision the scooter rider lost her balance and fell on the ground. For her bad luck, the lady fall right in front of the car’s tyres.

The acr driver tried to apply brakes in panic. But the car kept rolling down the hill. Without wasting any time, the security officers at the scenes jumped in front of the car and stopped the car somehow.

The quick response of the security officers saved the day and lady managed to escape. She was rushed to the nearest hospital and ended up with a broken shoulder. The timely intervention of the security guards saved the life here and all credits goes to them. These are incidents which force us to believe in god.

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